The intention of this page is to be easily accessible wherever I am, but if a search brought you here you will probably find an answer, fix, improvement or hack for the problem you are having. Dig thorough the the navigation tree or use the search box. You should research further before trying anything here, because my situation may not be the same as yours, so take care before tinkering, tweaking, overclocking, modding or hacking your gear! Sometimes info is borrowed from other sites but I try to show the original source when I know it. If you see anything that should or shouldn’t be here please let me know.

Site updates:
Feb 2016: Moved to hosting & WordPress, the google page will remain up for the time being, but will eventually redirect here. As usual I will be building this on the fly, in my usual random ‘whatever is catching my attention that day’ style.
Mar 2017 some pages hosted – finally!
July 2017 Enabled more pages and locked down the menus. Check out the software section. Freebies!

For the original site please visit sites.google.com/site/br33ch/welcome

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