Great free software and functional ‘tiered’ software


Here is a list of great free programs (Please note, I currently do not benefit from listing products, these are simply free products I find useful).


Sketchup – Draw, design quickly – enough said. (hey I should be in marketing) 🙂

Kerkythea – A renderer with sketchup plugin

Audio / DAW

Preonus studio one – The lightest, free version is pretty packed with features, worth checking out. (Requires KB2670838 for w7x64)

Video Capture

DXtory – (DX & OGL only)

MSI Afterburner – Great for screen recording plus has other GPU tools – useful for ATI cards. I use Nvidias Shadowplay so this is no longer necessary for me.

Video editing suites – It turns out there is a bunch of these with plenty of features in the free versions – and I cant get the hang of any of them.

Hitfilm express – lightest version is feature packed
Shotcut – This might be the best example of solid open source software I’ve come across
Lightworks – Great features available in the free version.
VSDC Video Editor (great screen recorder, I hope they fix the window snapping)
DaVinci Resolve – Free version is great, includes Fairlight audio package.
OBS Studio – The go to app for screen recording and live streaming.

Transcoding/Encoding / editing

For transcoding Handbrake is recommeded. It’s easy to use and just works. It could benefit from a batch wizard, GPU encoding and network tools though. I won’t provide a link because some versions have been known to be dodgy.

For straight DVD/Blueray to MKV conversion, MakeMKV is worth a look. Current beta key is due to expire in July 2017.

MP4tools – A simple splitter and joiner but re-encoding not needed.. Awesome! Alto works on MOV M4V and maybe others (Change the file/open dialogue from *.MP4 to *.*).


EMclient – Email done well. Two accounts for free, works with webmail. I use an older version that didn’t get the unnecessary ‘metro’ theming. Let me know if you need it.

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