Launchbox / headend batch file for Sharp x68000 2 disk games


LaunchBox and other headend software can only manage one disk (as ROMs) in command line arguments. This means games with more than one disk require disk swapping. This fix at least allows you to run 2 disk games without any extra intervention.

1) Copy or rename your xmg6 exe and it’s ini file to 8.3 chars if they aren’t already (example: xm6g-e.exe) 
2) Make a folder called ‘Xenon 2 Megablast’
3) Unpack the disk images there and rename them to 8.3 chars (example: x2d1.dim)
4) Create a batch file in the folder called ‘Xenon 2 Megablast.bat’
5) Paste the path and file names into the batch file to suit your emulator and game
6) Point the headend to the batch file
7) [LaunchBox] Leave ’emulator’ disabled
8) [LaunchBox] Ignore the ‘you need to set up an emulator’ message

@echo off
REM xm6 emulator 2 disk loader -
xm6g-64e.exe .\x2d1.dim .\x2d2.dim

– Don’t bother messing with command line switches beyond this, XM6 takes two commands and will figure out what you are trying to achieve. Also the ini is not useful for mounting disk images.
– Unfortunately, a dos window will be created whilst running and will sit in the background until the emulator ends. Let me know if you know a way around that.
– There is methods to use long file names, but this can result in very hard to manage multiple quote situations
– Xm6 will not load disks unless it’s DLLs are found, hence the path statement when run from a remote location.

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